Portable Mini Cabinet

The deactiVent Mini is designed with the smaller environment in mind and possibly where there is no scope for mechanical ventilation or fresh air integration. The Mini is a portable plug and play concept which can be easily transported and positioned into any areas you wish to ensure safe quality air purification. Specifically for smaller offices/classrooms, children's nurseries, dental treatment rooms and domestic households.

Building ventilation
Building design

Once in position the unit will control and destroy Covid-19 and all other variants, Influenza, MRSA, SARS, C-Diff, Norovirus and Measles in the same way as the larger solutions also do.

Building structure
Sick Building Syndrome details

We believe our technology is also a great way of positively assisting in sick building syndrome, helping all employees/staff confidently back into the workplace thus increasing productivity and maintaining air quality for a positive environment.


• Air purification and disinfection of areas >110 cubic metres
• Incorporates deactiVent's unique air disinfection chamber generating >20mj/cm2
• Destroys 99.99% of all pathogens and viruses
• 6-10 air changes per hour
• Quiet fan operation <30db
• Safety features and controls incorporated to exceed ISO15858
• No HEPA filters (no need for expensive filter changes)
• Lamp life of >9000 hours
• Maintenance programme available if required
• Plug in unit - simply position the unit and plug it into a 13amp switch socket
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