Fan Coil Unit Chamber

Fan coil units (FCU) systems provide localised recirculated air for cients who occupy small areas within a large space and therefore negate the requirement of relying on the landlord of covering the entire building. Therefore we have designed the deactiVent UV-C fan coil unit (FCU) chamber for the client who wishes to provide a level of protection that exceeds that of the AHU chamber.

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The deactiVent FCU chamber is a simple solution that provides 100% protection within a localised serviced area of a buildings air circulation plant, in as much as it will ensure that all recirculated air provided to the area will be eradicated of airborne viruses/pathogens.

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Designed to be located in areas where localised air recirculation has been installed to enable independent temperature control for individual occupants' comfort, such as hotel receptions/foyer, independent office meeting rooms and office space, hospital wards, leisure and sports facilities.


• Air purification and disinfection of areas >125 cubic metres
• Incorporates the technology developed for deactiVent's main AHU chamber
• Destroys 99.99% of all pathogens and viruses
• Designed to be incorporated within the design of the existing ventilation plant FCU's
• Safety features and controls incorporated to exceed ISO15858
• No additional filtration required ie. HEPA filters (no need for expensive filter changes)
• Maintenance programme available if required
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