Air Disinfection Chamber

The ADC is a unique solution to dramatically reduce the transfer of airborne viruses and bacteria (pathogens) within the confines of a building. It is well documented that the air quality within a building is paramount to a secure, safe environment. Recent studies reveal that over 30% of all Covid-19 cases in the first wave of the pandemic were contracted in buildings with poor ventilation.

The ADC is specifically designed to eradicate airborne pathogens, each unit is bespoke, it is designed to our clients' specific requirements. Dependent on your needs and what level of disinfection is required, we can deliver a solution that will give any occupants of your building confidence that they are entering a safe environment. The ADC even in it's basic form will exceed 20mj/cmsq, thereby eradicating SARS/C-Diff/MRSA/Influenza/Covid-19, Norovirus, Measles as well as significantly helping improve Sick Building Syndrome.

Building ventilation
Building design

Suitable for all commercial HVAC ventilation systems, located in the supply air duct to ensure that all air that serves the building is disinfected and purified without the need of additional heating, cooling and associated plant.

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Sick Building Syndrome details

Once in position the unit will control and destroy Covid 19 and variants, Influenza, MRSA, SARS, C-Diff, Measles to name a few. We believe our technology is also a great way of positively assisting in helping all employees/staff confidently back into the workplace thus increasing productivity.


• Air purification and disinfection of areas >28,800 cubic metres
• Incorporates deactiVent's unique air disinfection chamber generating >20mj/cm2
• Destroys 99.99% of all pathogens and viruses
• Designed to work air changes as original plant design
• Safety features and controls incorporated to exceed ISO15858
• No additional filtration required ie. HEPA filters (no need for expensive filter changes)
• Due to less filtration required, helps in reducing energy and plant maintenance costs
• Lamp life of >9000 hours
• Maintenance programme available if required
• Fully interactive air analytics on request
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BSRIA accreditation