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deactiVent have been working on a solution to a well known scientific problem which isn't very widely talked about - Sick Building Syndrome. This battle against airborne pathogens and viruses has been ongoing for some time but all of the solutions put forward to date have not succeeded largely due to the requirement for substantial overhaul of the buildings' intrinsic framework. Obviously this would have huge financial implications and have thus far proved insurmountable.

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The complicated issues in trying to comply with government guidelines relating to the operation of buildings ventilation plants are numerous. Do you run the system to achieve 100% supply and extract of air? This has a big impact when trying to control building temperature and humidity levels. Do you introduce additional filtration? This leads to a rise in resistance on the system which means increased operational costs. Do you overcome these issues by upgrading the entire plant? This is clearly a very expensive option and will inevitably lead to additional operating costs and an increase in carbon footprint.

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The answer to these questions is here. The deactiVent solutions have been designed from the very outset to limit the impact on the current architecture and instead created to work within what is already in place to a great extent. This includes AHU ventilation systems, stand-alone fixed floor cabinets or smaller plug and play portable units for smaller rooms. These products are a huge breakthrough in allowing buildings to comply more easily with current government guidelines relating to operation of building ventilation systems.

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