How does deactiVent work?

deactiVent is an IP protected range of products which has been designed to disinfect air as it passes through our four products designed to deliver solutions to all indoor environments. deactiVent UV-C chamber irradiates the entire cross-section of a duct at high intensities (not accessible to room occupants), and includes the use of highly reflective materials to further increase irradiance and efficiency levels. deactiVent carries the power to inactivate microorganisms that travel > 8 metres per second every time it goes through.

How easy is it to have deactiVent installed?

HVAC systems – Our In-duct chamber is designed to fit 90% of traditional built environment buildings. However,” our specialist survey team will determine the section of duct that requires the installation. If a bespoke design is required, our on-site survey will be passed to our 3D CAD specialists to model the deactiVent chamber section. The manufacturing team will return with the final unit, which can seamlessly replace the original ducting section with minimal aesthetic impact with no adverse effect on the operation of the HVAC system.

Fixed Cabinet and Mini cabinet systems have been designed as plug and play (can be installed by on site maintenance subject to guidance). These can be installed in areas without air conditioning systems to ensure air quality is improved in any given indoor environmenmt

Is deactiVent safe?

The nature and design quality of our systems ensures it is safe for any occupant within the space covered. it has been designed to ensure no UVC light is exposed as the chamber in each product is fully enclosed.

Additionally, safety equipment such as mechanical interlocks and emergency stop switches ensure the chamber system shuts down as soon as any access doors local to the units are opened. Safety switches linked to the unit lighting panel also ensure a full shut-off, should any panel be removed by the on - site or maintenance teams.

What is the warranty?

Each deactivent product carries a full 24 month parts and labour warranty (12 months for lamps from Philips) which covers against faults of all components and manufacturing defects This can be easily extended and enhanced by implementing a fully comprehensive

service plan with deactivent which includes relamping of each system every year to ensure optimum performance over life

What certifications/accreditations does deactiVent have?

deactiVent has undergone and completed extensive testing and certification with the leading independent research company, BSRIA. (Building, Services, Research and Information Association)

BSRIA tested and confirmed specifics such as UV-C irradiation, power draw and all safety features. A full report is available confirming the findings using fully certified testing conditions and calibrated instruments within a fully installed duct.

Signify, (part of Philips lighting technologies) has partnered alongside deactivent and worked in conjunction to develop the scientific configuration of our systems. They have produced a full White Paper which verifies our science and calculations for irradiation.

Please feel free to request a copy of these findings, using our enquiry section.

What maintenance packages are available?

Full training and service plans are available for the entire deactivent range all of which are available on request and subject to product and terms.

Please contact us for further information.

What makes deactiVent different to the other UV-C applications on the market?

deactiVent is a world first solution to ANY built environment air quality problem. Our solutions have been designed to inactivate pathogens and viruses in all built environments within buildings recirculation of air. Whether through a buildings HVAC plant, (air that is supplied to the public spaces of the building) or standalone / portable options. Dependant on the building, just one of our solutions installed can have an impact on controlling the spread of disease as well as suppressing viral load or SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) symptoms. A table outlining comparisons is included on this website for review.

How much does deactiVent cost?

deactiVent systems have been designed and manufactured to be cost effective, reliable and sustainable with the easiest concepts to tailor your choices. Each proposal is based on the clients’ exact requirements and is delivered to ensure the client needs are met.

Simple to choose, Simple to integrate and Simple to install.

For more information please complete the enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your exact requirements.